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Commercial, Institutional and Industrial
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Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Products

Maximum security all purpose security screen products for…

Banks, Government Buildings, Offices, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Apartments, Condominiums, Seniors' Homes, Day Care Centers, Warehouses, Factories, Auto Workshops and Retail Stores


  • Security screen doors can be installed to the entry doors of factory production areas, allowing ventilation during the hot summer months. When opened these entrances will still be secured, thus preventing unwanted intruders from entering these areas.
  • Stacking sliding or bi fold doors can be installed in loading dock areas, preventing unwanted intruders from entering this area.
  • Security screen doors installed onto the "hidden from view" rear entry and storage doors of pharmacies, retail and convenience stores will prevent break-ins.
  • Security screened storage areas can be created to protect against theft of valuable commodities.
  • Security screens when installed over storefront, commercial and institutional windows will protect against break-ins and vandalism.

Crime Shield™ security screens are your first line of defense!