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If the homes featured in the news articles above were protected by Crime Shield security screens, these violent home invasions and break-ins may have been avoided.

Crime Shield Security Mesh Doors and Windows... the ultimate security system for Residential, Commercial and Institutional application.


The Test of Strength

New...Pet Proof Replacement Screens

National Home Show, Toronto 2013

Facts you should know…

  • Statistics Canada reported over 289,200 property related crimes per year in the last five years
  • A break-in occurs every 90 seconds in Canada (Source: Money Sense Magazine)
  • Burglars can enter your home without breaking through a door or window by simply entering through any of your entrance doors by using the "lock bumping" technique to gain access to locks. Read more in "Security Facts and Statistics"
  • Security cameras don't deter intruders. They wear tucs and spray the camera lens with black paint to avoid identification
  • Security alarms when activated,mean that your home has alreay been broken into!
  • After an insurance company pays out a "break-in" claim you may be considered a "high risk" client and you will probably be denied regular insurance. You will have to insure your home with a "high risk" insurance company, whose premiums are typically 3 - 4 times higher than the regular rates!
  • "It will never happen to me"… Don't take preventative action after your home has already been broken into, take action now!

Find out how to prevent a break in…

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