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Residential Products
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Residential Products

Secure your home against break-ins...

Window Security: Security window screens allow you to leave your windows open without the fear of an intruder entering your home

Door Security: Multipoint locking security screen doors and sliding patio door security screens allow you to leave your entry doors open for fresh air and keep unwanted perpetrators out!

Crime Shield protects against…

  • Home Invasions
  • Break-Ins
  • Burglaries
  • Vandalism
  • Storm conditions
  • Wildlife Intrusion
  • Mosquitoes, Flies and other insects

Other Benefits include…

  • Pet Proof. Your pet will not be able to chew or bite the security mesh
  • Maximum air flow with a clear view
  • UV Protection: Blocks an average of 60% of harmful UV rays
  • Enhances energy efficiency..
  • Select the product that suits your needs…