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Security Window Screens: Enclosure Security Screens

Enclosure Security Screens

These enclosure security screens…

  • Are available in a combination of sliding and fixed panels, providing you with you with both maximum security and easy access
  • Are available in a bi fold door option which offers the flexibility of a screen room and also allows the door and fixed window combination to fully retract to one side offering an open concept when required
  • When installed onto your porch enclosure or deck area, provide security and prevent unwanted wildlife from entering your leisure areas
  • Allows your pets to roam freely in the enclosure without the concern that may escape.The mesh is pet proof. Your pet will not be able to chew, rip, tear or pull away the screen from the frame
  • Prevent break-ins
  • Protects the window's glass units adjacent to the leisure areas from flying objects in tornado and high wind conditions